South Indian Bananas has high rich Nutrition food

We provide the better quality of banana with customized packing

We export good and quality Banana which are hygienic and packed. Fresh banana as these are eaten raw as well as used for the preparation of juices, squashes and many more

Rich in fiber and Vitamin B6 content, Bananas are very delicious. Bananas are highly rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, calcium, etc. Our Fresh Bananas are not just rich in nutritional value rather they are also excellent in taste. The Bananas are also best to make shakes and deserts that help in the growth of body

All green offers a grade green cavendish and yellow cavendish banana to the world with best quality with comparative price. Banana offered by us is very neat and tasty. Due to high screening and sorting of our banana we can assure best quality forever. Specifications: quality: a grade weight: 150 gms-300 gms size: 15cm++

Our fresh Banana originated from South India are cultivated in the plantations around hills of Western Ghats in Theni District of Tamil Nadu with all technical assistance required to produce fruit that meets our quality specifications; The place one of the largest Green Cavendish cultivating area in the country adopting 100%

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